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Conference contact:
Wang Hang 13966759716;

Cao Zheng 15256597661;
Wu Jianpeng 15811319103;

Liu Xianzeng 15620559510.

The ICEIOM 2023 Conference will provide a unique forum for the dissemination of the latest research and ideas in a wide range of equipment intelligent operation and maintenance areas. As the flagship conference of the Equipment Intelligent Operation and Maintenance Branch of the Chinese Society of Mechanical Engineering, ICEIOM 2023 is keen to disseminate state-of-the-art knowledge on specialist and ‘hot’ topics related to the theme of the conference through dedicated Special Sessions.

We welcome the submission of proposals for such Special Sessions for the ICEIOM 2023 Conference. Each proposal will be carefully evaluated, and the accepted special sessions will be announced on the conference website. 


Special Session Proposal Contents
To submit a proposal for a Special Session, the Special Session organizer must e-mail the three Special Session Co-Chairs their proposal (2 pages max excluding CV) by the deadline of 20th March 2023 detailing the following information: )

Special Session Details 
●    Title of the Special Session 
●    Significance of the topic 
●    Special Session organizer’s name, affiliation and a short CV (3 pages max for CV) 
Invited paper/presentation Details (optional) 

●     Authors and their affiliation 
●     Abstract


The organizers are welcome to promote their special sessions through various venues, and will coordinate the review process for their session papers. The conference proceedings will include all papers from the special sessions.


Special Session Co-Chairs:
Huaqing Wang, Beijing University of Chemical Technology, China (hqwang@mail.buct.edu.cn)
Chuan Li, Dongguan University of Technology, China (chuanli@dgut.edu.cn)
Qiang Miao, Sichuan University, China (mqiang@scu.edu.cn)